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name :hethar pronounced hee th are
age :34
locati0n :idaho
gender :female through and through
sexual preference :bisexual currently in several polyamourous relationships. but i have one main man.
body mods? :seven in my left ear adn six in the right,nose peircing,next month nipples,labret and belly button


faveourite music/bands please :cocteau twins,dead can dance,belly dance,poe,portishead,many instrumental soundtracks,queensryche and christina aguilera and kate bush ,pink floyd,jimi hendrix,lords of acid,tracey lords,queen of the damned soundtrack and score,no doubt,this mortal coil ,viggo mortensen etc...
tv shows? :bewitched,battle star galactica,farscape,stargate, i mostly like movies and i have no cable as of right now.
books? :lolita vladimir nabakov,my jonbenet ramsey and martha moxely and elizabeth smart biographies,twin peaks laura journal,candy,dark angel books,red sonja comic books,catwoman,true blood by charles gatewood,heliophobe mags and bloodstone mags,the witches bible compleat by janet and stewart farrar, satanic witch by anton lavey,might is right by ragnar redbeard,anthem,anne rice books, a gentle feuding by johanna lindsey, and i collect any vampire books i have over a hundred but of course not all the ones i want.
films? :queen of the damned(although it absolutely has nothing to with the book),dracula1979,1992,mephisto waltz,burn witch burn,satanis,speak of the devil,first family of satan,wild wild world of jayne mansfield,the misfits,love field,batman returns,catwoman,any james cameron films. lord of the rings trilogy,the craft,center of the world,kissed,the fantastic planet,bell book and candle,the crucible,last of the mohicans,the bride,hair,matrix anthologies,gingersnaps anthologies,poison ivy,eye of the beholder,mary reily etc..
artists/paintings? : monet,klimdt,olivia,marcus gray,ulorin vex,mike mignola,vargas,george petty,gil elvgren,viggo mortensen
clothing; style/brands :


gay marriage?i think it should be totally legal,all people should be able to have the benfits only straight people have.
war? i don't like them at at all. but sometimes you have to use that big stick to protect whats yours.
abortion?i am pro choice, its my body my creation i can do what i want. but more like if you give the gov and inch they'll take a mile.
labelling?some times i like it. sometimes i don't. sometimes a label is the only way you can organize something. but when labels are stereotyped to the nth degree it can get nasty or ridiculous.
homophobia?i thinks its sad people are so afraid of it.
racism?its very tragic. it always urks e when i'm filling out form. and they ask what race you are. i always answer human. we all are the same. we bleed and die. reverse rascism isn't that great either.thats alowing what twisted you to twist you.

why do you think we at corsetedxcandy shold accept your application?well i think i have a lot of great ideas, lots of knowledge and experience about fun subjects, i am in corset training right now. and i love corsets and also i like being fem fattalle and kicking erotic ass with other women. i don't mean i like to start fights. i mean i love it when women get together and create.

now finally, post 3 pictures of your luffely self..

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